About Coral 

I am mom, wife, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, mentor, photographer.  I'm enormously blessed in so many areas of my life, I'm undone with God's generosity.  I have the pleasure of being married to my very best friend, Jeremy, someone who gives me room to grow and explore and gobs of grace when I make mistakes and act like an idiot!  I'm the mom of two really cool people Halle 21 and my little man, Josiah who just turned 11.

Growing up I tried to imagine my dream job, you know something respectable and exciting like being a Veternarian or Marine Biologist, after all I did love animals.  However my passion had always been in the area of creating art, I loved to draw, paint, sculpt clay, you name it.  It didn't occur to me that my passion would lead me to the coolest job on earth. 

I've since figured out that God speaks our purpose through our hearts desires. 

I graduated from Southern Oregon University with a BA degree where I double majored in in Art and Human Communication.  It was in my Comm classes where I discovered another passion, relationships and what makes them tick.  As I prepared to graduate I often wondered, with fear and trembling, what in the world am I going to do with a degree in Art and Human Communication?  God knew.  What would be more perfect than photographing couples and their weddings?  I love to document relationship, connection, laughter, tenderness, love.  All of which are in abundance in the course of a wedding day.

God is cool, really cool, AWESOME in fact!  He has groomed me and continues to groom me to bless his heart and the hearts of others. 

I celebrated my 47th birthday this year and in many ways it seems like I'm just beginning to fully live, to live on purpose, and in my purpose. 

Really living is an art in itself.  Live . . I dare you :)




Thank you so much for contacing Coral Lee Carlson Photography.  We shoot locally or will travel to your destination wedding.

I'm grateful for your interest in our services, I look forward talking with you soon.  I reply to all inquires within 24 hours. 

God bless!  Coral Lee

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THE 411

Coral Lee Carlson Photography was established in 2000.  We have been adding creative flair to wedding documentation for 15 years.  

We are available for weddings world-wide.  For weddings in Southern Oregon, coverage begins at $2500.  For out of state weddings, coverage begins at $5000.

Please drop us a line for a full pricing list.

OUR MISSION really is to celebrate with you on this day while we capture the details, events, people, and emotions of this momentous occassion. Our desire is that each time you view your pictures you will remember not just how you looked but also how you felt and who you shared this day with.  
Our trademark style and philosophy sets us apart from our competition.  We have both a passion for weddings but also for the art of photography, a combination that is essential for truly capturing the essence of your wedding day.